Flint Pebbles

One of the most important factor in ceramics and ground sand production is to choose Grinding media which influencing both manufacturing costs and product quality.

DOLOMITA ‘S range of flint pebbles deliver excellent performance as a grinding media. Our pebbles are mineralogically composed of Chalcedony.The crystalline structure of Chalcedony is a stand out characteristic against quartzite alternatives, offering a range of benefits:Wear resistance – (Less pebbles required)

Only 4.5 kg of DOLOMITA pebbles are needed to grind 1000 kg of white ceramic body, compared to 7 to 20 kg of other pebbles.For hard products (silica sand, feldspar) 6 to 9 kg of DOLOMITA pebbles are needed to grind 1000 kg. (These values are purely indications, based on our experience, but depending on final fineness, and ball mill.)

Less abrasion:
DOLOMITA pebbles have a lower abrasion rate than alternative products. Tests conducted show an abrasion rate of only 37 mm³ using DOLOMITA pebbles, compared to 47 mm³ for alternative products.This all equates to less dead time in refilling ball mill charge, an important issue for both production yield, and safety.


DOLOMITA’s flint pebbles are finally hand sorted and controlled by experienced staff to remove:

Unrelated material (bad shape or nature)
Broken pebbles
Chemically polluted product

Technical Specification

Al2O30,22 %
Fe2O30,147 %
Specific weight2.55
Apparent density1.8
Hardness mohs7.5 ( Mohs scale )
Our pebbles are used as a grinding ball into ball mills (ceramics industry)
Our pebbles are sorted exclusively by hand
Standard Size Available2 – 4 cm
4 – 6 cm
6 – 8 cm
8 – 10 cm
10 – 12 cm
10 – 15 cm
12 – 15 cm
Ability to produce specific sizes upon request