Cement Industry

Since 2004 ,Dolomita starts officially its activities as a technical consultation firm for refractory lining in many industries , particularly in cement industry. The big challenge was successfully achieved by supplying refractory lining solution through our partners to supply and install refractory lining for cement rotary kilns (castable , alumina bricks and basic bricks) with its professional installation team who is highly experienced and supervised by qualified engineers using our own machinery (mixers, cutting machines, gunning machines, presses, etc.)to be able to cover complete refractory lining from cyclones to cooler.

Apart from supplying refractory brick, we offer technical support for all customers, drawing up studies, reports and analysis for optimal lining in all cases.


Rotary kiln


  1. Cooling zone
  2. Lower transitional zone
  3. Sintering zone
  4. Upper transitional zone
  5. Preparation zone