About Us

Our company was founded in 2001 and currently serves the worldwide industrial community from its headquarter in Egypt.
We are dedicated to providing your hard to find industrial material needs.
Dolomita has put together a team of specialized salesmen to provide the client with schedule and results driven solutions.
We have personnel on staff to give the client specialized procurement services for project critical and time sensitive material.
With our teaming agreements we provide integrated solutions that include direct material supply, fabrication and manufacturing of engineered goods.

One of our competitive advantages as an agent for many industrial manufactures is providing direct material procurement from our resources.
Dolomita specializes in the material supply for critical path projects and results driven schedules.
We can meet and exceed our clients expectations by delivering material on time and per the required specifications.


Our mission

Our job is to

Find what our customers want on personal and industrial scale
What you need is what we offer to satisfy all customers’ needs.
We work to provide our customers and clients the best products and solutions that makes reach their Goals and targets for better future.
We can guide you to the products and solutions you need for industrial or personal uses
We are here to given you the right advice not only for now but for your future on various scales.