Steel Industry

Dolomita  is the Egyptian  leader and a significant player in MENA . Our innovative, high performance, modular and adaptable Bricks and monolithic solutions cover every step of the iron process; from coke and ore preparation, to blast furnaces, and finally, hot metal transport.

our solutions contribute to increased productivity and quality in the iron making processes and also help to meet the reliability and safety requirements by:

  • Increasing the availability of the production equipment by extending the service life and reducing the maintenance downtime
  • Reducing unit cost of hot metal by continuous optimization of the refractory solutions
  • Improving the health and safety conditions by pushing the development of harmless and environmentally friendly products like our resin-bonded tap-hole clays

in which refractory technology is required, we offer concepts and solutions that are always matched precisely to individual customer situations

Our marketing strategy follows a simple but effective principle: every refractory product must be matched precisely to the customer’s needs. With every order, the aims and expectations of our customer always have top priority.

Steel ladles

Refractories are the primary materials used by the steel industry in the internal linings of furnaces for making iron and steel, in vessels for holding and transporting metal and slag, in furnaces for heating steel before further processing, and in the flues or stacks through which hot gases are conducted.

  1. Closing ring
  2. Slag line
  3. Walls
  4. Bottom
  5. Safety lining
  6. Insulation
  7. Lance
  8. Wellblock
  9. Filler sand
  10. Ladle nozzle
  11. Slidegate
  12. Collector nozzle

At the risk of oversimplification, they may, therefore, be said to be materials of construction that are able to withstand temperatures from 260–1850°C (500–3400°F).They play a triple role of providing mechanical strength, protection against corrosion and thermal insulation

Electric arc furnace

Dolomita industrial solutions have proved our customer worth and have helped to extend furnace service life and reduce maintenance. The result is a considerable reduction in costs. Top-quality tapping systems and high-performance refractory adhesives complete the product range.

  1. Roof of the furnace
  2. Slag line
  3. Bottom and banks
  4. Tuyere
  5. Well block (system of blowing)
  6. Wall
  7. Safety lining
  8. Tuyere block
  9. Well block


Dolomita Industrial Solutions   offers the whole range of refractory materials for lining of Tundish.

Thanks to the wide range of refractories available at Dolomita industrial Solutions   we are able to offer flexible approach to design works of linings with maximum taking into account of real operational conditions of thermal units work. Drawings and recommendations on application of refractories are elaborated with taking into account requirements of strength of linings and thermal modes of their operation. Complete deliveries supply Consumers with all refractory materials used in furnace linings and its auxiliary units.

For carrying out high-quality installation works and with the aim of ensuring guaranteed strength of linings we are able to offer the whole range of auxiliary equipment: cutting-off machines, mixers, gunning machines, systems for compacting of unshaped ma

  1. Ladle shroud
  2. Lid insulation
  3. Stopper monoblock
  4. Bottom
  5. Weirs and dams
  6. Impact plate
  7. Nozzle
  8. Nozzle
  9. Submerged Shroud
  10. Monolithic safety lining
  11. Tundish insulation
  12. Well block
  13. Blank plate

Our solution

Our comprehensive product and service portfolio for the steel industry ranges from basic and non-basic bricks and mixes, isostatically pressed products and prefab components to special machinery, repair systems and services for the lining of diverse units on site.